Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hello all,

I've moved back into the dorms after winter break, and I've decided that, rather than eat the nauseating meat that is served for entrees, I'm going to try out vegetarianism. 

I've always kind of thought about it, but I've always, for various reasons, made excuses not to. Things like nutrition and taste always held me back.  Now that I'm regularly taking daily multivitamins and I'm more or less far away from any good tasting dishes involving meat, I'm out of excuses.

I have a few reasons- first of all, it keeps me away from overindulging in meat, which for me is easy to do.  It's a healthier choice as long as I'm mindful of what I replace it with.  So eating healthier is a definite goal with this.  Another one is a very logical one- I'm all for animal rights and conservation and ethical treatment of animals, but I eat meat?  Sounds hypocritical to me.  So I am looking to eliminate that hypocrisy in my life as well.

Anyways, I don't think anyone reads this yet, but if anyone does, feel free to leave your thoughts below.  I'll try to make regular updates on this topic (research and how it's going with my lifestyle).

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  1. Hi Sam, I've really enjoyed your comments over on our sea shepherd discussion.

    I bounced between being a vegetarian and, well, being a bad vegetarian, for a long time. It's not easy, especially when you spend a few months a year at sea without many food choices (one cruise went so off schedule that the only thing left in the mess the last week was chicken and lentils), but it is extremely admirable.

    I eventually settled on something I call 'conscientious carnivorey'. I'm mostly vegetarian but do consume some meat. I avoid anything factory farmed, favor game, and eat some seafoods - which I feel I'm well situated to make a good assessment of their environmental status.

    I still miss bacon though.