Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Here's my first post in a blogging experiment.  The idea-- create a blog containing my thoughts on conservation and environmentalism, including current issues.

I try to do my own research into issues, instead of just accepting what various organizations say, so I will try to cite my entries so everyone can double check it.

Hokay, so a little about me--

I'm a college kid from the American Midwest (one of the northern states) but I'm a SCUBA diver and I'm mostly interested in marine conservation.  Other issues will creep in once in a while.

I hope to be posting every few days.  I like constructive criticism and debates- not derogatory comments or arguments.  If there are any questions you have about me or about something I write about, feel free to ask me.  Before anyone asks, my username is a word invented by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. in his novel "Cat's Cradle."  It means "the tendrils of life."

So I guess with all that out of the way...

Hello, and welcome to my Eco-Blog.

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