Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy(?) Earth Day!

I've been doing a pretty bad job keeping up on this.  And by "pretty bad" I mean, "I haven't posted in months."

But anyways, it's Earth Day.  A few news items:

The U.N. has re-instated World Ocean Day on June 8.  Be sure to keep it in mind.  It's not going to solve our problems over night, but it's a step in the right direction.

The United States has prohibited fishing north of the Bering Strait to protect nearly 200k square miles of the Arctic.

In commemoration of Earth Day -- because it's weird to say "celebrate" Earth Day to me; it's a bittersweet statement -- read some good articles on the environment.  Look up a scientific journal on climate change or ocean acidification or invasive species.  Or, check out these two articles by the gentlemen at

"What the Hell Happened to the Environmental Movement?" by the Southern Fried Scientist--


"5 Things Worse for the Environment" by WhySharksMatter--

I'd like to write something poignant here, but to be honest, I'm really unprepared to be writing this.

Anyways, have a memorable Earth Day and go recycle or plant a tree or cut up the plastic things they put on six packs of soda/pop/soda pop or write a letter to your congressmen...or all of the above.

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